Fedra is a trademark of Yavuzsan Machine

Yavuzsan Machine was established in 1978. Yavuzsan machine, that embarked on the business by manufacturing the textile machinery and spare parts, produced globally competitive yarn transfer machines via its realibility and the business dicipline, then it become the leoding brand in the sector. Yavuzsan machine that reached an important place in local market continued the manufacturing of the yarn transfer machinery between 1990 and 2003.

Proving its claim “perfect production” in machine manufacturing, Yavuzsan Machine created the trademark “FEDRA” by focusing on the manufacturing of marble chamfering polishing machine. FEDRA showing that quality in its products can be achieved only via succesful experiences has been contiuning to increase its investment in that way. FEDRA is improving itself in order to reach a crucial place in its sector with its production plants which aim to provide high quality goods.

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